Gas Safety

Why We Are Dedicated to Natural Gas Safety!

At Bennett Regulator Guards Inc., we care for our customers, and safety is always top priority. We feel it is of utmost importance to always protect life and property and taking every precaution should never be waivered.

Federal and state agencies regulate distribution of natural gas throughout the United States and its territories.  Federal agencies like PHMSA regulate gas safety and place warnings about the buildup of snow and ice on gas distribution systems. At Bennett Regulator Guards Inc., we cannot stress enough, the importance of following these guidelines and being proactive to prevent tragic circumstances.

It is also important to educate the homeowner for common sense maintenance during spring, summer and fall planting seasons and during winter conditions as well. The homeowner should be made aware to avoid planting shrubs and flowers around the meter set. Avoid raising the elevation of the ground closer to the vent, and clear snow and ice off the meter during heavy snowstorms.

Gas Safety
MBVS 1200 AP Installed on a 4 Meter Manifold
Bennett Regulator Guards, Inc.


Our products offer protection for gas utilities and the customers they serve. Specifically, our products help protect the equipment owned by gas utilities and the property that the equipment is attached to. 

Bennett Regulator Guards, Inc.

Peace of Mind

For gas utilities, homeowners, neighbors, and the community. While reducing the probability of a hazardous situation created by a frozen gas regulator relief vent, we provide peace of mind to the homeowner knowing they have a reduced risk to life and property. 

Bennett Regulator Guards, Inc.

Reduction of Liability

Our products take proactive measures to protect gas utility equipment, acting in the best interest of natural gas companies, suppliers, and contractors that may install or service their equipment. Being proactive and installing natural gas regulator relief vent protection helps to reduce liability and also reduces nuisance and costly service calls of having to de-ice a relief vent.   


Energy for You

Natural gas is one of the cleanest and most eco-friendly forms of energy available on the planet today.

We recommend installing our vent skirt products to ensure the safe delivery of natural gas to the consumer.