PHMSA Advisory Bulletin

The office of Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has issued an advisory bulletin on the dangers of abnormal snow and ice buildup​ on gas distribution systems. "​This advisory bulletin advises owners and operators of petroleum gas and natural gas facilities of the need to take the appropriate steps to prevent damage to pipeline facilities from accumulated snow or ice. Past events on natural gas distribution system facilities appear to have been related to either the stress of snow and ice or the malfunction of pressure control equipment due to ice blockage of pressure control equipment vents. This advisory reminds owners and operators of the need to take precautionary actions to prevent adverse events."

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Here at Bennett Regulator Guards, Inc. we participate in various trade organizations. In order to stay informed of industry standards and to communicate with industry professionals, we follow industry awareness and keep alert to changes in the industry through our membership affiliation & trusted advisors. As professionals in the gas industry, we maintain annual memberships with industry organizations such as:

Canadian Gas Association.

Northeast Gas Association.

Midwest Energy Association.

Northwest Gas Association

Our Products Are Superior To Any Other Product On The Market!

- Our skirt is larger in diameter providing an increased area of surface coverage

- Our ground splash baffle is secured to the unit by two stainless steel screws ensuring the baffle will not fall off once placed into service.

- Our ground splash baffle is vented. The vent holes are tapered allowing drainage from above, while restricting water entry from below.

- Should the regulator release pressure or fail, the vented baffle will allow excess pressure to safely pass through the baffle plate.

- Our skirt tube increases in size as it exits the regulator vent. Both ¾ inch and 1 inch models increase the vent opening to 1 3/16 inch at its termination point.

- Our stainless steel screen is secured to the vent skirt by means of a locking ring. It is not just simply pressed into the tube opening.

- Our products are comprised from a special blend of polyethylene which is flexible, yet highly impact resistant.

- Our products are 100% MADE IN AMERICA

Our Products

Bennett Regulator Guards, Inc. offers a selection of Vent Skirts, adapted to fit a variety of gas pressure regulator vents for both residential and commercial grade equipment.

Fisher vent skirt model # FVS-394

designed specifically for the Fisher 254 and 252 regulators.

Meter Bar vent skirt, model # MBVS-1200 AP

This is an all plastic product which comes in both 3/4 and 1 inch male threaded sizes. This product will fit a wide variety of meter bar regulators which position their vent directly above the meter, in the 6 o'clock position.

Service Riser vent skirt, model # RVS-307 AP

This vent skirt is a solid molded product designed to fit a variety of regulators positioned on the service riser. It is currently offered with a molded 1 inch and 3/4 inch male threaded fitting.​ This skirt was designed specifically for the B 31R, Fisher S 402, and American 1813 regulators, but will accommodate any older regulator in your system with a 1 inch or 3/4 inch relief vent opening.

Angled Body vent skirt, model # ABVS-512 AP

This vent skirt is designed to protect the relief vents of older angled body regulator sets with a relief vent opening of 3/4 inch. The ABVS-512 is specifically engineered to protect the relief vents of aging regulators still in service. Schlumberger B-39, Sprague Model B, Fisher 252, and Fisher 262 are regulators that work well with the ABVS vent skirt.The ABVS-512 AP is similar to the RVS-307 AP EX; however, it has been improved for a better fit for certain applications. It also has an extended neck area 2 1/4 inches in length. The extended neck allows clearance in cases where the regulator interferes with the installation of the vent skirt. The patented design includes our baffle plate on the bottom of the vent skirt. The baffle protects the vent from splash back onto the surface of the vent scree

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Service Riser vent skirt (extended), model # RVS-307 AP EX

Based on conversations with utility personnel, a pipe nipple was sometimes required to extend the vent skirt beyond the body of the regulator. Therefore, we now produce the RVS 307 AP EX, which is manufactured with either a 3/4 inch or 1 inch male threaded fitting. The 2 1/4 inch extension allows the vent skirt to conform to various regulators. This product works well with the B 31 R and American 1813 C regulators installed in the angle body position.​​​

Commercial vent skirt, model # CVS-911 AP

Our CVS-911 AP vent skirts are similar to our RVS-307 AP skirts. The CVS-911 AP is designed to protect the relief vents of commercial regulators and blow-offs with a relief vent opening of 2 inches or less.  In the case of relief vents smaller than 2 inches, simply use decreasing pipe fittings.Again, these vent skirts are also extremely durable, inexpensive, easy to install, and they blend perfectly with the existing metering equipment. Installation procedures allow your mechanic to install the CVS-911 AP with no interruption in gas flow.  The installation takes only minutes, and the use of the Bennett CVS-911 AP vent skirt will eliminate the costly time to de-ice meters and restore gas service. The ultimate benefit of the CVS-911 AP vent skirt is the assurance and peace of mind that comes with customer satisfaction and safety.

Mini vent skirt, model # MIVS-218 EL

The MIVS Series vent skirts are designed to protect the atmospheric relief vents of pilot regulators and the breather vent on commercial roots meters.  The 1/4in. plastic vent elbow threads screw directly into the breather port.The MIVS 1211AP protects vent openings in the 6 o’clock position, while our newest Model, the MIVS 218 EL AP has a molded 90 degree angle which allows you to protect vents in the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. Both products expand the vent opening to a 1.25 in. opening enclosed by a 16 gauge stainless steel screen.

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