Protecting Life & Property,

One Regulator at a Time

We Manufacture Commonsense Solutions to Reduce the Probability of Ice Formation on the Relief Vents of Gas Pressure Regulators.

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Hazardous Conditions
Devastating Impact

At Bennett Regulator Guards, Inc. we recognize the eminent danger that is lurking when you see a snow-covered gas regulator. Gas regulator relief vents need to be kept clear and free from snow, ice, and debris. 

Gas utilities can add protection to their equipment reducing the probability of snow and ice formation on the relief vents of gas pressure regulators.

The homeowner should also be made aware to keep this equipment cleared, preventing ice and snow from collecting around and on top of the gas equipment. 

This can lead to a no-gas power outage or create a potentially hazardous condition that may have a devastating impact.   


Power Lines, Trees, and Eaves

Winter's Magistry- It may be beautiful, but freezing rain collects on power lines weighing them down and causing outages. Trees become a winter wonderland with icicles galore. However, they may eventually break branches and limbs that fall on power lines.

Icicles also form on the eaves of a building or house creating additional hazards. When the weather warms during the day, those icicles begin to drip. If the gas equipment is located under an eave, those melting icicles can drip onto the ground or the gas meter and create back splash onto the relief vents of gas pressure regulators. Unfortunately, temperatures drop and refreeze at night.  Thus, ice forms on the relief vents of gas pressure regulators. Again, this can create a dangerous situation. 

Our Products Are Superior

Bennett Regulator Guards, Inc. offers a selection of vent skirts adapted to fit a variety of gas pressure regulator vents for both residential and commercial grade equipment. Our products are superior to any other product on the market because:

  • Our products are 100% MADE IN AMERICA.
  • We produce high-quality products at competitive prices.
  • Our vent skirts are comprised of a special blend of polyethylene which is flexible yet highly impact resistant. A UV stabilizer is added to protect the product from the sun's damaging rays.
  • Our vent skirts are larger in diameter providing an increased area of surface protection.
  • Our vent skirt tube increases in size as it exits the regulator vent. Both 3/4" and 1" models increase the vent opening to 1 3/16" at its termination point and both are securely fitted with a stainless steel screen..
  • Our ground splash baffle is secured to the unit by two stainless steel screws, insuring the baffle will not fall off once placed into service.
  • Our ground splash baffle is vented. The vent holes are tapered allowing drainage from above while restricting water entry from below.
  • Should the regulator release pressure or fail, the vented baffle will allow excess pressure to safely pass through the baffle plate.

Superior Customer Service

At Bennett Regulator Guards, Inc., we understand the value of superior customer service. We want to be sure our customers have the opportunity to shop for our products through distributors and manufacturer representatives with whom they've developed strong relationships.

We sell directly to the natural gas utility, but we also use distributors to maximize the benefit of reaching customers all across the country.

For your convenience, we accept credit cards. You can pay with a credit card at the time of order, or we can bill you later based on payment terms approved prior to sale.

Memberships & Affiliations

Our membership with Gas Associations across the country helps to keep us connected with industry leaders.

We value the relationships we have with natural gas leaders and suppliers. We stay informed in current trends across Distribution, Measurement and Control, Gas Operations, and other key areas. We follow industry news, attend trade shows, engage in product awareness, educational opportunities, and so much more. 

We also take advantage of our industry affiliations and advertise our products in various association magazines, publications, and directories.